Power to perform: turbo-charge your organisation’s creativity

07/06/2011 18:46pm

Servers are the rhythm sections of technology, the back-room boys and girls who enable the singers and guitar heroes to strut their stuff. And like real-world rhythm sections, they don’t always get the attention they deserve. Organisations who happily replace high-end workstations to handle clients’ ever-expanding demands may not give their servers a second thought – and that means they could be missing out on major improvements, wasting enormous sums of money and generating enough heat to boil Birmingham.

The data explosion

Our demand for data keeps increasing. Images are measured in multiples of megapixels, video has gone from SD to DVD to HD to 3D and our expectations have risen to the point where every PowerPoint presentation has to look like something from Pixar. According to industry analysts IDC, the amount of data stored by a large company doubles every 18 months – and of course that data needs more memory to handle it and more power to process it as well as more space to store it.

Our ever-expanding appetites put serious strain on servers, and hardware that seemed perky just a few years ago may be struggling to cope today – especially if you want to take advantage of the latest and greatest versions of the programs your business depends on. Before long entire data centres are huffing and puffing, their power capacity peaking and their cooling systems overwhelmed, and downtime becomes increasingly likely.

Such downtime can be ruinously expensive, especially if you’re running old software on old hardware. If the software provider has stopped supporting your particular products, per-incident support costs soon mount up.

At Dell, we know a better way.

Save money, save the planet

Server technology has been advancing as quickly as our demand for data has been increasing. The latest processor technology delivers extraordinary performance with massively reduced energy demands, slashing server energy consumption and cutting the cost of doing business.

That’s not all. Today’s servers enable you to do much more with much less hardware. It wasn’t so long ago that 4GB of memory seemed enormous, but a high performance computing server based on the Intel® Xeon® 5600 series can accommodate as much as 192GB of RAM. The change across just one or two generations has been dramatic, with the latest servers supporting two to three times the workload of their predecessors while using an average of 40% less power.

Such hardware improvements – and other developments such as software virtualisation, which can create multiple virtual machines on a single physical server – mean that you can consolidate multiple servers’ workloads on faster, more powerful, more energy efficient server hardware. That massively increases a data centre’s capacity, enabling you to do more without having to find or build bigger premises – and of course your old servers can live on, either by redeploying them in a less demanding part of your organisation, by selling them or by donating them to worthy causes.

Turbo-charge your creativity

A server refresh doesn’t just improve performance, reduce costs and increase stability, although of course it does all of those things. It also provides an opportunity to reap the benefits of new software. Newer programs can deliver better ways of doing things, faster and more efficient storage, and new tools to turbo-charge creativity.

We’re living in tough times, and on the face of it it makes sense to squeeze every last drop from existing kit – but that can often prove to be a false economy. By investing in more reliable, more efficient and more powerful IT systems today you’re gaining an enormous competitive advantage – not just today, but for years to come.

The Dell difference

Dell PowerEdge Servers are designed to work as hard as you do. We work closely with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to deliver unrivalled performance and reliability in the most demanding environments, and our Dell PowerEdge tower servers and rack servers are built specifically for the most demanding jobs in creative, engineering and architectural design; web design and development; photo editing, finance and product design. With the latest technology in our scalable servers and storage solutions, Dell is the one-source partner to match your IT ambitions.

To find out more, please visit us at dell.co.uk/poweredge or call us on 0844 444 3359.