Inspire me! Where to go when creative block strikes

31/05/2011 12:00pm

When you’re a creative professional, inspiration can come from anywhere. Some find inspiration in architecture; others in the natural world. Some get their design kicks from vinyl record sleeves; others, from wandering around. But where do you go when architecture, nature, old jazz records and aimless wandering aren’t doing the trick? The answer is, of course, the internet.

There are two ways to get online inspiration: there’s the serendipitous approach, where you wander around the many wonders of the net waiting for inspiration, and there’s the rather more focused approach where you concentrate on the sites that are most likely to help. Both approaches work, but while wandering around Flickr photo galleries – even if you limit yourself to photo pools such as the CYMK design pool – enormous design communities such as or interesting-thing blogs such as The Cool Hunter can be illuminating, they can also be enormous time sinks.

If you’re feeling a bit more focused, there are plenty of sites that can help inspire you without giving you too many excuses to procrastinate. The excellent is a great place to find interesting and usable colour schemes, while Adobe’s Kuler supplements its range of themes with some interesting tools such as Pulse, which enables you to see the popularity of specific colours, and Community, which acts as a showcase for Kuler members’ work. Typography fans will love the aptly named We Love Typography, while copywriters and graphic designers alike will find lots to enjoy – and possibly be irritated by – at