Everything’s gone green: how Energy Smart makes servers do more and use less

06/06/2011 15:24pm

IT managers share a common and pressing problem: how to reduce energy consumption and cost without compromising IT performance. The solution: combine the right tools, the right services, and the right provider. And do it all at the right price. The solution begins with Dell™ Poweredge™ Energy Smart servers.

When we asked our customers what really mattered to their businesses, they told us that data centre efficiency was a top priority. Some centres are simply maxed out, with insufficient power to handle any more kit; others are physically full; and still others simply want to cut the cost of doing business without cutting corners.

From servers to storage devices, consulting to services, Dell can deliver the right solution for any organisation that wants to maximise productivity without armies of consultants and costly retooling.


Dell is intensely focused on energy efficiency, and our Dell™ Poweredge™ servers directly address your energy needs. Their smart power supply units achieve some of the highest energy efficiencies in the industry, while Poweredge blade, rack and tower servers have been redesigned with high-efficiency voltage regulators and improved airflow to improve cooling and maximise power per watt. They also come packed with smart sensors that can automatically track thermal activity, helping to regulate temperature and reduce energy consumption.

The numbers are impressive: the Dell Active Power Controller achieves energy savings of up to 15.7, Energy Smart power supplies up to 8.4% and Energy Smart system designs up to 16% compared to their predecessors, while the latest Intel Xeon 5500 series processors can deliver computing performance up to 2.25 times that of the Intel Xeon 5400 series. Improvements over the server technology of just a few years ago are enormous.

With low power consumption and complexity, Dell™ Poweredge™ servers can help deliver what your IT infrastructure needs most: outstanding performance, low operational costs, and exceptional efficiency.


Dell’s goal is to become the greenest technology company on the planet. We believe it’s important to consider the environmental impact at every stage in the product life cycle, and we are redefining the Green Data Centre as part of our commitment to helping our customers compute more while consuming less. We can meet your growing computing needs while also helping drive down costs and support your environmental responsibility goals. Dell is committed to helping you utilise resources more effectively and realise greater performance with less energy and cost.

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