Do everything faster: don’t let the daily grind stifle your creativity

07/06/2011 18:52pm

Creativity takes a lot of work. It’s a process of evolution, of iteration, of taking bright ideas and polishing them until they gleam – and it’s a process involving lots of people, lots of changes and lots and lots of data. Keeping on top of everything is a job in itself – which isn’t ideal when your job is to do the creative stuff too. If you haven’t already moved to a server-based system, you’re definitely doing too much.

Everything in its right place

Your data is the hub around which everything else revolves, so it makes sense to keep it in a central location. From image assets to HR records, if it’s used by or needs input from more than one person then a server-based system means that everyone can find what they need, when they need it.

One of the biggest benefits to storing key data on a central server is that it speeds up workflow. Shared assets are always the most up-to-date versions, and there’s no need to wade through endless revisions, trying to work out which particular version of a file is the one that everybody’s signed off. Changes are easy to track, comments are easy to share, and revisions are easy to undo when clients or lead creatives change their minds.

It’s also a superbly efficient way to maximise resources. Adding extra capacity is effortless with network attached storage (NAS) and equipment can be shared across your entire organisation. And the combination of super-fast processors and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) means that you don’t waste your most important resource of all: your time.

Herding cats

Workstations plastered with Post-It notes are a sure sign that a business might as well be herding cats: co-ordinating team tasks and schedules can be incredibly difficult when everybody has their own unique way of staying on top of things. Shared calendars, schedules and milestones can ensure that everybody knows what’s happening when – and shared communications ensure that important messages are never missed. And unlike those Post-It notes, your data doesn’t become unavailable when the office is locked up for the night or when you’re out on the road. Servers never sleep, and they’re always available – not just from PCs, but from smartphones too.

Rock solid reliability

Super-connected workplaces aren’t just about saving money. They’re about saving necks too. If a lone wolf loses a laptop, it could also mean the loss of irreplaceable assets or weeks of work – but a connected workplace can defuse disasters. Centralised backups mean that every asset is archived, while centralised maintenance and administration ensure that everybody benefits from the latest software updates, system patches and security fixes. By taking the administrative burden away from end users, servers give them the time to shine.

The Dell difference

Dell PowerEdge Servers are designed to work as hard as you do. We work closely with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to deliver unrivalled performance and reliability in the most demanding environments, and our Dell PowerEdge tower servers and rack servers are built specifically for the most demanding jobs in creative, engineering and architectural design; web design and development; photo editing, finance and product design. With the latest technology in our scalable servers and storage solutions, Dell is the one-source partner to match your IT ambitions.

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