The Pro Files: Will Eades

07/01/2011 14:06pm

Will Eades is Lead Animator with RealtimeUK, where he shares state of the art premises with “one expert team of awesome digital artists” and works with clients including LG, Sky and Microsoft.


The Pro Files: Craig Crane

07/01/2011 14:06pm

A former puppeteer with Hensons, Craig Crane spent 11 years working at Nickelodeon before deciding to specialise in computer graphics and motion capture. It was a smart move.


The Pro Files: Glen Taylor

07/01/2011 14:05pm

Glen Taylor founded Taylor James in 1999 to provide creative post-production. The firm’s award-winning campaigns seamlessly integrate CGI, live action, photography and traditional post-production.


Inside Story: Cosworth drives F1 engine rendering with Dell Precision

13/12/2010 13:56pm

Creative professionals in various industries look for the best ways to increase the value of their productions. The best way to sell your creative work is deliver better standards than anyone else.


Someone’s stolen my stuff! What to do when someone copies your content

10/12/2010 15:33pm

What do you do if somebody copies your images, words or your entire website? The good news is that in many cases the offenders are just clueless. The bad news? Enforcing your rights can be a hassle.


Blue Sky Thinking: what cloud computing can offer design and graphics pros

10/12/2010 15:29pm

Cloud-based applications can improve your workflow, cut down on email overload and eradicate version confusion, and they can even deliver complex 3D rendering in real time.

freelance_by_sabrina's stash_thumb

Taking the plunge: becoming a freelance designer

10/12/2010 12:04pm

There’s no doubt that freelancing offers a freedom and a lifestyle that day jobs simply don’t deliver. So how do you do it successfully? Here are ten things to think about before taking the plunge.


Inside Story: Dr. Paul Hawkins, Hawk-Eye Innovations

10/12/2010 11:58am

If you’re a fan of tennis, cricket or snooker you’ve seen Hawk-Eye in action: it’s the most sophisticated officiating tool used in any sport, and it pushes hardware to its very limits.


Hardware for hard times: is older kit a false economy?

10/12/2010 11:56am

Replacing computer kit might not top your to-do list, but it can be a smart step in the current climate. Your time is valuable, and inadequate kit could be costing you cash.


Instant Expert: multi-core computing

10/12/2010 11:53am

What reduces rendering time and makes Photoshop faster? The clue’s in the title…