Home work: can you have a creative career without leaving the house?

18/03/2011 16:24pm

Working from home is easy: buy a decent workstation, tell the taxman you’re going it alone and wait for the cash to roll in. That’s it. Isn’t it? Yes – apart from the logistical issues and the thorny problem of staying sane.


Data disasters and how to avoid them

24/03/2011 10:50am

Whether it’s a digital music library or project assets, your photo collection or your portfolio, the more it matters the more important it is to protect it.


Someone’s stolen my stuff! What to do when someone copies your content

10/12/2010 15:33pm

What do you do if somebody copies your images, words or your entire website? The good news is that in many cases the offenders are just clueless. The bad news? Enforcing your rights can be a hassle.


Keep taking the tablets: what the mobile explosion means for content creators

26/01/2011 16:11pm

By 2015 Forrester Research predicts that in the US alone, some 82 million people will spend at least some of their time tapping on tablets. So what does that mean for content creators?


Should you ever work for free?

15/04/2011 11:36am

To some, working for free is a necessary evil in creative industries. To others, it’s just evil. So who’s right? Should you ever work for free?


Power without the price: get a certified workstation for the price of a PC

14/02/2011 13:24pm

If your budget says “PC” but your workload screams “workstation”, we’ve got good news for you: you no longer need to compromise by skimping on performance or cutting corners.


Is everybody app-y?

24/02/2011 17:13pm

Is the future of content the app? From Android Market to the Windows Phone Marketplace, the iTunes App Store to the Ovi Store, it seems that everyone is app-happy. More than ten billion smartphone and tablet apps have been sold, and App Stores are even coming to the desktop.


Instant Expert: HD Graphics

24/03/2011 10:55am

HD Graphics dispense with third-party graphics cards. If you want a machine that will happily handle everyday graphics and gaming, HD Graphics will be just the job.


Instant Expert: Natural User Interfaces

03/02/2011 16:28pm

The keyboard’s days aren’t numbered, but it’s making some interesting new friends. Are motion control and multi-touch part of the PC’s future?


See your work in true colours

26/01/2011 15:48pm

Exceptional talent deserves exceptional equipment, and a powerful workstation is just part of the picture. Bring your biggest, brightest ideas to life in incredible, accurate colour with the stunning UltraSharp range of displays.