Power without the price: get a certified workstation for the price of a PC

14/02/2011 13:24pm

If your budget says “PC” but your workload screams “workstation”, we’ve got good news for you: you no longer need to compromise by skimping on performance, cutting corners or running a gaming PC that sounds like rush hour when it’s rendering.

Our customers told us that they wanted more power and scalability than a traditional desktop PC, with workstation-class graphics and an enormous range of possible configurations. That’s why we built the Dell Precision T1500, which combines the power and reliability of a professional workstation with the value for money of a mainstream PC.

If you thought you couldn’t justify the price of a fully-fledged workstation, think again: you can pick up a Dell Precision T1500 for as little as £499.


Accredited by AutoDESK for AutoCAD® 2010 and the forthcoming AutoCAD® 2011, the Dell Precision T1500 is a superb system for complex CAD applications. Powerful Intel® Core™ processors can handle the most demanding applications, while up to 16GB of speedy 1333MHz DDR3 memory and a choice of professional ATI and NVIDIA® cards enable you to create your perfect design partner.

The graphics cards you’ll find in your Dell Precision T1500 are serious cards for serious work: unlike consumer gaming cards, these ATI and NVIDIA® cards are designed to deliver accurate 3D CAD model views and accelerated OpenGL performance, and they’ve been tested for use with leading CAD and imaging applications.

They’re particularly impressive when you team them up with single or twin Dell UltraSharp displays: the flagship U3011′s unparalleled contrast ratio, 370cd/m2 luminance level and 1.07 billion colours delivers an incredibly accurate viewing experience backed by Dell’s Premium Panel Guarantee.


Lightning-fast performance isn’t just great for CAD, of course: it’s ideal for demanding applications in architecture, engineering, science and medicine too. Deploying larger numbers of workstations for bigger teams needn’t cost the earth: despite its low price, the Dell Precision T1500 doesn’t skimp on performance, expandability or reliability. It doesn’t sound like Heathrow at rush hour, either: its compact case has been designed for quiet operation in creative environments.

Dell Precisions are designed to be the world’s best workstations. That means a portfolio with solutions for every possible workload, extensive ISV certification and testing to ensure that your applications and add-ons work flawlessly, and build-to-order flexibility that ensures you only pay for what you need.

The Dell Precision T1500 is easy to expand and completely customisable: you can choose from Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i7 processors, increase the on-board memory to 16GB of super-fast 1333MHz DDR3 RAM and install enormous SATA 3.0GB/s hard disks, and you can also specify RAID storage for ultimate reliability and security.


To protect your investment, your productivity and your data you need support that’s as impressive as our hardware. Designed specifically for professionals like you whose living depends on the uptime and reliability of the systems they use, Dell ProSupport provides 24/7 direct access to Dell Expert Centres, next working day on-site repair and a single point of contact for hardware, software and certified application issues. Is it the operating system, a driver or the software itself? Let us do the diagnosis. You’ve got better things to do.


Dell Precision Workstations are designed to work as hard as you do. We work closely with leading Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to deliver unrivalled performance and reliability in the most demanding environments, and our Dell Precision workstations are built specifically for the most demanding jobs in engineering, product design, animation and digital imaging. With the latest technology in our scalable servers and storage solutions, Dell is the one-source partner to match your IT ambitions.

To find out more, please visit us at dell.co.uk/precision or call us on 0844 444 3903.


Intel® Core™ processors, impressive graphics and exceptional memory capacity at an astonishing price


The combination of Intel® Core™ i3, i5 and i5 processors with powerful ATI and NVIDIA graphics, 7200rpm hard disks and up to 16GB of fast 1333MHz DDR3 RAM delivers stunning performance, and yet the Dell Precision T1500 offers the same value for money as a mainstream business desktop. Available in a wide range of configurations, the Dell Precision T1500 is the perfect partner for power users.


The Dell Precision T1500 delivers workstation-class graphics and advanced performance without bursting your IT budget, and like all Dell workstations it can be configured to suit your exact requirements. Choose from powerful Intel® Core™ processors, 1333MHz DDR3 memory and the latest ATI FirePro™, ATI FireMV™ and NVIDIA® Quadro™ cards to create your perfect system, and add RAID 1/0 storage configuration for ultimate reliability and peace of mind.


Dell works closely with independent software vendors to ensure maximum performance and reliability, and the Dell Precision T1500′s AutoDESK accreditation means you can run complex AutoCAD® projects with complete confidence. The Precision T1500 isn’t just a superb CAD machine, though: its sheer power makes it ideal for Web design, imaging and video, engineering, scientific and medical applications too.